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"The Blues Notes"  a sensation of a wide range of blues with songs made on Belgian soil.
With the influences and the lifstyles of the lower countries, that's the spirit we play the blues in. 
The saxophone in this line-up brings the distinction within the well-known blues genre. Self writen songs are seamlessly woven through this.

An extensive range of music styles has given the band a special image.We are an active band that introduces the different blues styles for the next generations. Our own sound and presentation shows that this band is a nice performance on every stage.

profielfoto Raf_edited.jpg
Raffy D.M. @ Vocals & Guitar


Raphaël was born in the late sixties in Belgium. As a young teenager, music was ubiquitous in his early years.

The rock & blues songs known for this time are given in childhood. He soon discovered his love for these specific music styles at a relatively young age. The purchase of a first guitar lasts until the early eighties. The influences of musicians such as E. Clapton, SRV, J. Hendrix and so on are necessary to develop into the blues guitarist of today.

This tutorial results in a contemporary blues sound that he carries with him.

Armed with some effective chords, he makes his debut with many rock & blues formations to develop into a seasoned blues guitarist.

profielfoto Edy_edited.jpg
Edy D.V. @ Saxophone


Edy D.V. is omnipresent on the saxophone as an all-round musician.

With his tunes on the most appropriate tones, Edy completes this blues style.

It is an exceptional instrument not often used in this style.

Yet the saxophone becomes a unity under this line-up

This sexy Belgian instrument with this musician needs no further explanation just enjoy the tones.

profielfoto Ilse.jpg
TBN De panne 5_edited.jpg
Ilse v.d.B. @ Bass


Ilse is a Belgian composer, pianist and bassist. The stage is like her second home and there is an irresistible power and energy in her live performance.

Ilse was born on February 9, 1974. She was born in the rural village of Lubbeek. As a little girl she was already different and she walked her own path. When she started piano lessons at a young age, it soon became clear that her fingers were starting to take on a life of their own. Instead of learning scales and sonatas, she created her own compositions over and over again. When Ilse was only fifteen, she gave her first performance in Tel Aviv, Israel.

A year later she played in Vera Cruz, Mexico. In the years that followed she gave a number of performances at home and abroad. At the age of 41 she discovered the bass, took lessons and fell in love with it. She never held a guitar in her hands. A year later she played in cover band "The Legacy". Another year later she was asked by "Beauty and The Beasts" and a few months later by "De Vijzen" to become their regular bass player. She also replaces the bassist of "The Dukes Band" from time to time. Always willing to learn new styles of music and not shying away from the challenge, she auditions for the band 'The Blues Notes' and forms the rhythm section with Augusto as a very happy female bassist.


Augusto R. @ Drums


Augusto R. Brazilian, born in Goiânia-Goiás in central west Brazil, he is drummer and percussionist. Arrived 27 years ago in Belgium, as drummer, percussionist and singer. He was drummer of the orchestra of the theater company of the review "Brasiltropical" for 9 years. His music has brought him to more than 30 countries where he has performed in the major theaters of Europe, Asia, the Middle East and Africa.

Today Augusto gives percussion lessons for young people, adolescents and adults in Brussels, gives Samba courses to groups in Belgium and France, as part of the project that Mestre Nilo Sergio da Portela has brought to Europe for 7 years played in the 'Tabajara do Samba', bacteria of the Samba Portela school, he was artistic director of the Zinnodes in Zinneke Parade in Brussels for several years.

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